There is nothing better than a gooey brownie after a hard day with a dollop of vanilla ice cream when it is still warm.

Brownies are one of the best homemade bakes as they add such a sense of comfort and not to mention make the house smell amazing too.

The best part about brownie recipes is you can alter the ingredients to suit you and your family’s needs. Add more nuts or chocolate or take out the nuts and swap it for caramel. It is your choice there is so much creative freedom.

Baking can bring you so much joy that is why It is great to keep learning more skills. Blueprint offers some amazing baking courses that you can stream right at home.

Below are listed the ultimate brownie recipes that you can try. I would love to know what one you have tried so please let me know in the comments!

If you want the ultimate cookie recipe here are some you need to try!

1. Moster cookie brownies

Article Image – Together As Family

Combining two of my favorite things this brownie recipe is an incredible idea. By using a box of brownie mix and putting it together with the ultimate homemade cookie mixture you get a hybrid of flavors that will work so well. For the ultimate mixture, you can add in the peanut butter, oats, chocolates and M&Ms.

Get the full recipe here >>

2. Chocolate Chip Homemade Brownies

Article Image – Lil Luna

If you are looking for a gooey brownie mixture then this is the recipe you have been looking for. A fudge brownie consistency normally means they have more ‘fat’ in them than flour. Chocolate chips are the perfect addition to some gooey brownies But this recipe lets you use your imagination and add whatever ingredients you are craving into your mix. 

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3. Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies

Article Image – Homemade Hooplah

Want something a bit more exciting than the normal plain chocolate brownies? This recipe is great for the caramel obsessed. If you want a reason to get off the couch these salted caramel brownies will definitely work. Adjust the caramel recipe to your desired taste depending on if you prefer more salt to caramel or caramel to salt. Homemade Hooplah has adjusted her ultimate brownie recipe to make sure the consistency of the brownie is just right with the caramel.

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4. Oreo Cream Brownies

Article Image – Something Swanky

Love the middle of an oreo? How about adding that cream into the middle of a brownie. Making the perfect brownie that you just can’t ignore. Tying these two things together is going to make the best brownie you have ever tasted. And I know you are dying to know how to make the oreo cream.

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5. Slutty Brownie Recipe

Article Image – Just So Tasty

Why not combine not two but three awesome deserts into one. The slutty brownie recipe went viral in 2011 and has since been a favorite. If you are looking for a recipe to make from scratch this brownie recipe is perfect if you fancy cookies, Oreos and brownies combined into one.  

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6. Red Velvet Brownie Recipe

Article Image – Janes Patisserie

If you love red velvet cakes then you will love this hybrid brownie mixture of a red velvet cake made into a brownie. This recipe is designed to give a brownie texture but with the cocoa powder and cream cheesecake added extra. The cream cheese adds an extra layer of flavor that makes these brownies more impressive. Super easy to make with the hybrid of ingredients. A super impressive recipe if you want to try something different today.

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7. Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

Article Image – Vintage Kitchen Notes

Sometimes you want a smooth brownie but with a nutty flavor. This peanut butter fudge brownie recipe is just what you need. Create a sweet treat using commercial peanut butter and mixing it with the cream you can create this great butter swirl that makes these brownies something special. Don’t fancy peanut butter? You can swap out for Almond butter instead.

Get the full recipe here >>

8. Yummy S’more Brownies 

Article Image – Passion For Savings 

Craving the gooeyness of marshmallows but want something a bit more substantial? This brownie is easier than you think! Choose your favorite brownie mix from a box or from scratch and add some Graham cracker crumbs as the base (alternative for UK could be digestives). After the brownie is done in the oven pile on the marshmallows and maybe add some chocolate chips too and toss it under the broil (or grill as we know it in the UK). Then just wait for it to melt in your mouth. 

Get the full recipe here >>

9. Mocha Brownies With Coffee Glaze

Article Image – Cake Whiz

If you love that brewed coffee cake taste then I suggest you give these chocolate coffee brownies a whirl. The combination of chocolate and coffee gives a true mocha blended taste and is great with a cup of coffee. This recipe details the ingredients needed to make the brownies from scratch and what is involved in making the mixture extra coffee-like. If you want fudge like brownies then this recipe is for you. 

Get the full recipe here >>

10. Rolo Brownies With Caramel

Article Image – Kitchen Fun With Wy 3 Sons

Who isn’t a fan of Rollos, and what better than to add them into a caramel brownie mix. These will not last long out of the oven and are great with some ice cream when they are warm. If you wanted to add to the mixture you could even add more chocolate chips. These brownies are one the whole family will be obsessed with.

Get the full recipe here >>

Baking can bring you so much joy that is why It is great to keep learning more skills.

Blueprint offers some amazing baking courses that you can stream right at home.

I hope you have lots of fun making these brownie recipes!

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