If you are finding homemade macaroons a hard baking treat to crack it is totally understandable they are not as easy as normal cookies. These handmade recipes listed below have some easy baking tips on how to get the mixture just right to cook.

Macaroons can create a great addition to your table decoration for all types of occasions. They also taste DELICIOUS as well!

If you are new to macaroons there are so many ways you can decorate a macaroon and so many different flavors and colors you can use.

Once you crack how to make the mixture you can start experimenting and get creative.

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1. Toffee and Chocolate Macaroons

Article Image – Pies and Tacos

The perfect combination of chocolate and toffee in a macaroon. Pies and Tacos share a great macaroon recipe if you have a sweet tooth. Add a little bit extra to the filling of your homemade macaroons with this chocolate and toffee decorative macaroon recipe. By adding a caramel fudge to a Brazilian Brigadeiro these macaroons might be the best you have ever tasted. The coating of chocolate adds a great extra layer of sweet that goes well with the caramel fudge.

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2. Robin’s egg oreo macaroons

Article Image – Teak and Thyme 

If you are obsessed with oreo cookies then you will love making these easy to make Oreo macaroons. Crunch up your Oreos to get the speckled macaroon look. Learn how to create a robin blue color shell by using a gel as coloring. Make a perfect macaroon center by mixing a Oreo cream center that people will want to lick off just like the Oreos themselves.

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3. Rainbow Homemade Macaroons

Article Image – Claire Justine

Add a bit of color to your day by baking some rainbow treats. These homemade macaroons are great as gifts to brighten someone’s day or as a party treat for the whole gang. A great recipe if you want to make something fun and colorful. Get creative with your icing and mix lots of colors so the rainbow theme carries on throughout the macaroons.

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4. Hundreds and thousands macaroons

Article Image – Cloudy Kitchen

Vanilla macaroon treats using buttercream in the middle. If you are fed up with trying for too long to make macaroons then this is exactly the recipe post for you. Cloudy Kitchen explains her exact tips on what not to do and how to make the perfect mixture. Make your best macaroons yet with these useful baking tips for homemade macaroons.

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5. Marbled Macaroons

Article Image – Sugar And Cloth

A great way to add some color to your macarons without baking the color. Add this marble look after you have baked your macaroon shells. Sugar and Cloth show how she was inspired by a shaving cream marbling technique and then practiced that on the macaroons making a colorful decorative marble look. This is a fun way to make each macaroon stand out and have its own personality.

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6. Mint chocolate chip macaroons

Article Image – A Cozy Kitchen 

If you love mint choc chip ice cream you will love these chewy macaroons. Piped out meringue flavored with mint extract and flecks of chocolate. To step up your macaroon filling you can try and make the swiss buttercream that the Cozy Kitchen explains so well with great tips on how to make it perfect.

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7. Espresso Mocha Macaroons

Article Image – The Wood and Spoon

Sweet chocolate ganache combined with the espresso powder to give the exact kick these mocha macaroons need. Great with some warm cream as a dessert or as a sneaky day time snack. This ganache was made using chocolate chips.

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8. Tiramisu Macaroons

Article Image – Confessions of a Confectionista

The perfect macaroon recipe if you are wanting to impress your friends. If you have now got down the macaroon baking and want to make something a bit different then these tiramisu macarons are ideal. Following the same macaroon recipes but adding in coffee into the shells and mascarpone cream as the filling giving the added tiramisu kick.

Get the full recipe here >>

Baking can bring you so much joy that is why It is great to keep learning more skills.

Blueprint offers some amazing baking courses that you can stream right at home.

I hope you have lots of fun making these homemade macaroon recipes!

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